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Rogue's Tavern

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Rogue's Tavern

Published 1936
Topics Horror, Mystery

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Audio/Visual sound, b&w


Reviewer: katperrr - favoritefavoritefavorite - November 27, 2014
Subject: Rogue's
Not Academy Award material by any means, but entertaining for a rainy night.
Reviewer: hudgeliberal - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 13, 2013
Subject: Not bad.
You could do a lot worse on a warm summer nights viewing. Good little mystery for its time. When you watch this stuff you have to consider the time it was made and watch with your mind geared toward that time and place. Not an Oscar by any means but I have watched far worse.
Reviewer: Zee Zelot - favoritefavoritefavorite - April 2, 2013
Subject: Fun and Dorky
3 starts because I watched the whole movie.
Reviewer: splue - favorite - May 6, 2011
Subject: their drinks are
watered down
Reviewer: Kodachrome - favoritefavorite - October 2, 2010
Subject: No mystery as to why this movie is PD
This type of play was most likely standard fare in 1936, but it falls a bit flat 74 years later. I had trouble getting through it without fantasizing about cleaning the garage.

I give it one star for sympathy. I give a second star to see Barbara Pepper before she became the wife of a pig farmer on “Green Acres.” The evildoer’s maniacal laugh was well performed, making it the solitary entertaining value, though not redemptive for ratings purposes. I would give it an extra ½ star for the fact that the killer’s identity was not readily perceived, but I cannot justify making it three. A total of two stars and 5 Z’s for this play.

Have you decided to watch the film despite this review? If so, the culprit’s threat at the end of the movie waxes prophetic: “There shall be no escape for you now.”

Say your prayers.
Reviewer: porterville - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 19, 2010
Subject: "Rogue's Tavern" Is Worth Viewing
This is typical of the movies shown on television in the very early 1950's, prior to the sale of films to television by the major studios around 1955 and later. It is a low budget movie that now almost has a delightful quality about it. It is overacted by many of the featured actors/actresses, but retains a quality of suspense and humor. I enjoyed the film.
Reviewer: doowopbob - favorite - September 11, 2010
Subject: ....Not A Good Print..
...Barbara Pepper Would Play The Obese Mrs Ziffel On Green Acres..A Life Long Friend Of Lucille Ball She Almost Was Cast As Ethel Mertz, But She Was Hitting The Juice By Then So Lucy Chose Vivian Instead..Although Barbara Did Appear In A Few Episodes Anyway..Dead At 54 She Now Resides In Hollywood Forever Cemetery...The Rating Is For The Lousy Upload.
Reviewer: babe917 - favoritefavoritefavorite - December 16, 2009
Subject: a fun movie
a fun interesting movie! well worth the watch! i love old movies, especially ones like this! a murder mystery in an old spooky house :)
Reviewer: Shadows_Girl - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 3, 2009
Subject: Rogue's Tavern--anither update

Well, I finally got to see this film WITH sound (except for a couple of VERY slight gaps) by downloading the MPEG-2 version. This is a rather largish file but well worth the time considering this is one of the better movies available here. Wally Ford and Jack Mulhall are as entertaining as ever while Barbara Pepper does a good job as his feisty fiance/co-investigator (and looking a LOT like Jean Harlow in the process). Barbara was famous for something other than her acting, incidentally, she owned Hollywood's oddest piece of jewelry. This was a charm bracelet with 50 (count 'em, folks, 50) tiny gold novelties dangling from it. The golden rabbit's foot was a gift from Eddie Cantor, the golden megaphone was from (who else?) Rudy Vallee. But as to who gave her the rest of the charms (which included a golden police badge, a golden fishing pole, and a golden elephant---that last from Sabu, maybe?) she never revealed. She remained quite active in films and on televison, originating the part of Doris Ziffle on the hugely popular (I couldn't STAND it, personally) GREEN ACRES. Although heart problems forced her to turn the part over to Fran Ryan in 1968. She died the next year. This brings us to the card reading "I KNEW this would happen" svelt and sexy Gloria played by Joan Woodbury aka Nana Martinez. Joan is always fun to watch with those smouldering looks she has a habit of throwing around at odd moments. You can find her dancing for the delight of Doug Fowley (and probably every man in the audience at the movie theater) in 1937's CHARLIE CHAN ON BROADWAY (one of the Warner Oland, Keye Luke series and therefore superior to some of the others in my opinion). That's a fun movie too. Donald Wood plays Speed Patton, the reporter in the film and, since I had occasion to mention the woman who plays the mother in William Castle's original production of 13 GHOSTS I might mentiion here that Donald Wood will be playing the dad. Joan's last role was as Gadra in 1964's THE TIME TRAVELLERS which starred Preston Foster and Philip "Are you grown up enough for Granny Goose" Carey. Joan died of Emphysema in 1989.
And now, Clara Kimball of the war-horses of early movies. Born in 1890, died in 1960 she appeared in over 150 movies (including silent movies, of course. But for you old time radio fans she was Dorothy Regent in the serial THE RETURN OF CHANDU (1934). This is the one in which Bela Lugosi (who had played the role of the evil Roxor in the first Chandu serial of which no prints are known to exist) essays the part of Frank Chandler aka Chandu the Magician. And it is THIS role (not Dracula) that is being so delightfully spoofed in THE GORILLA (1939)where the slapstick is being provied by not only the Ritz Brothers but the inimitable Patsy Kelly while Lugosi provides a dead-pan response that is, in my view, far superior to his work in the more well-known ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN (1948).
About Jack Mulhall I have already raved. Wally Ford's best role would come later, of course, when he appeared with James Cagney in 1945's under-rated BLOOD ON THE SUN which also features Robert Armstrong (yeah, Carl Denham from the Kong movies) as Colonel Tojo and believe me you won't spot him.
ROGUE'S TAVERN is a fun romp of mystery, chills, and laughter liberally mixed together. Don't miss it. But be sure you download the Mpeg-2 if you want sound all the way through. (Except, as aforementioned, for a couple of VERY minor gaps of only a few seconds each). And if you STILL can't hear it download the K-Lite Codec Pack and watch it in the Windows Classic Media Player (which comes with the package). The picture is clear and the sound is as good as you are going to get. The updated media players are not supporting some of the codecs used in the older software programs for digitizing movies but this solves that problem and the only player that has an issue with it is the current version of Real Player which is garbage anyway. Real Player has issued another update and now it plays this film just fine. Good on them!

For this movie...FOUR STARS
Reviewer: billbarstad - favoritefavorite - September 2, 2007
Subject: So-so
Just a note to those wanting to download something other than the MPEG-2 file. Go to

This is a very run-of-the-mill 'old house' mystery.

A young couple erroneously elopes to a state that requires a waiting period before marriage, but is directed to a tavern in a nearby state where they can be married by a local justice of the peace. When they arrive at the Red Rock Tavern they soon are trying to solve a murder mystery.

I downloaded the mpeg2 file (640 by 480). Not noticeably faded, but the print was scratchy and dirty. The audio was clear, but there are a several dropouts of a few seconds duration. I see the IA staff removed links to smaller compressed movie files. Good idea, because they all lost audio after 15-20 minutes. Hope the problem with compression can be overcome because this movie isn't worth the time and resources it takes to download the mpeg2. Wouldn't play correctly in Videolan's VLC movie player on my Mac. Odd.
Reviewer: surfvh - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 28, 2007
Subject: A fun movie
I liked the byplay between the characters alot, but the 'killer wolf-dog' was the best. All that tail wagging kind of ruined its fierce demeanor. The set looks like the one used in several other movies including a Corman stinker called The Terror (poor Boris Karloff).

Rogues Tavern is really worth 3 stars, but I'll give it 5 to balance out the 'technical wizards' who can't download a movie and play it and gave it 1 star as a consequence. Next time try using the Report Errors link on the left side of this page instead of exposing your technical inadequacy to the world and muddying up the review part of the page;-)
Reviewer: beirwer - favoritefavoritefavorite - March 20, 2007
Subject: Fun movie, but sound cuts out.
A light weight, just for fun movie of the creepy old house in a storm variety. It's really just a big old house at night, but you know what I mean.

It's a little clunky in places, and the whiner and the ditz get a little irritating at times, but it's still a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, the sound on the 256Kb MPEG4(148 MB) version cuts out at 16:55 and never comes back on. I downloaded it again and it was the same.

I watched the streaming version on the details page. The sound cuts out every few minutes or so, but only for a second or two at a time. Irritating but still watchable.
Reviewer: Dorota - favorite - December 17, 2006
Subject: Dori
Reviewer: flickfdude - favorite - July 16, 2006
Subject: D*M
The film started out nice on MP-1. The situation started develpping and at 18 minutes aprox the sound went.
This film was a waste of time downloading.
You'd be sorry like I because it could have been good with the sound. I'm suprised no one else here said they noticed it.
Reviewer: moxey - favoritefavoritefavorite - July 2, 2005
Subject: not bad
not a bad film.worth watching.
however, i had to re-encode the file to get it burnt to dvd.
other than that,it was a good film.
Reviewer: Clark Holloway - favoritefavoritefavorite - January 4, 2005
Subject: Fun chiller
Cute detective couple head out-of-state for a quickie marriage and get caught up in devious goings on at a roadside inn. Nicely photographed with a couple of surprising twists along the way. The MPEG1 version I downloaded was complete, though a bit too compressed.
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